About Gisele Thomson

picture of Gisele Thomson

Gisele Thomson, is a writer with 25+ years of experience writing in many different formats and styles. She has honed her skills as a copywriter writing persuasive copy. This has had a positive domino effect on the quality of her writing across the board. She holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Education from the same institution.

Her experience as a manager leading teams developing learning products and services for 13 years within the institution responsible for federal government-wide training has been invaluable honing skills developing training materials and strategies. Within this context, she developed and finessed the expertise blending learning, emerging technologies and innovation to influence the production of learning solutions. She has worked in the learning industry for 20+ years, and in parallel, within the human resources field for 15+ years.

Her personal interests to develop her skills as a story writer have brought an additional dimension to the nature and quality of her advice and work. She also developed in tandem the skills to establish and nurture an online platform to promote the work of an author.

She has developed coaching experience over the course of her 22+ year career as a public servant, and prior to that working within the arts, education and community contexts. She has coached and mentored many, e.g., employees, colleagues, management, and more, to help them strengthen their skills as communicators.

Gisele particularly enjoys bringing out of people their inner creativity and spark.

She also very much enjoys exploring and understanding how technology and emerging innovations change how the human mind approaches life and experiences in different ways.

For example, how does chat culture within an online gaming environment impact how people think and interact and consume information? And many, many, many more questions exploring how different fields intersect with each other to create new ways of knowing and doing.